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About Us

The year of 1974 indicating oil booming on which the economy of petroleum countries grew rapidly.

Firstly Mr. Suleiman Abdulaziz Al Rajhi, President Director of Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia asked for help from his best friend in Indonesia Mr. Saleh Alwaini to send some workers for company requirement. The request from friend was sincerely covered. Unexpectedly, Mr. Suleiman Abdulaziz Al Rajhi gave fee to Mr. Saleh Alwaini for the help.

Mr. Saleh Alwaini,
Chairman of Binawan Group

For young Saleh Alwaini, an undergraduate activist with his deep obsession of striving the prosperous for his nation in his soul, the above occasion opened new atmosphere for achieving his dreams.

Started at the point of time Mr. Saleh Alwaini decided to consistently serve manpower requirement and establish the first manpower company in Indonesia. Many of his ideas have been used in government system.

Mr. Saleh Alwaini faithfully not only developed his business but more than all he strived to get government supports for the growth of manpower industry in Indonesia.

It is presently proven that the industry, which was begun and strived for, has become one of the most important and strategic keys to support the economy of country.

Binawan in Indonesian Language means “Trainer” and regarding to the meaning, Binawan commits to train Indonesia’s human resources in achieving their prosperity. More than 20 years Binawan has concentrated in manpower services. The triangle logo(s) is a solid, strong, and dynamic structure, and also being the pioneer in striving firstly opportunities to improve the potential of human resources. Meanwhile the green color of the logo means prosperity.

Our motto is “Everybody Should Be Happy”. In cooperating, our objective is that all parties (Employer, Worker, Partner, and Binawan) should get benefit by obtaining profit and finally Binawan is able to distribute more “happiness” for supporting and improving the growth of drive human resources.

Based on the motto, all personnel’s of Binawan Group strive to achieve company mission that is as a company that recognized and trusted nationally and internationally by workers and users. One of the success keys of Binawan in giving satisfaction to the user of Indonesian workers is providing qualified workers as required. Now, Binawan has grown as a company with solid organization and network and become a leading manpower service.



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