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The Board of Directors as seen in the organization structure is supported by two divisions: placement division and supporting division (please see the structure of the organization). The placement divisions as clearly seen are divided based on regions (Malaysia, Middle East, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan), and divisions based on type of jobs (industrial projects, power plants, oil & gas, construction, hotel and restaurant). The supporting divisions consist of hospital divisions, language division, engineering, training, and property.

The rapid progress along with improvement of living standards of the people in ASEAN countries, Middle East, Korea, Taiwan, and Europe have accelerated the increase of requirements of worker in various fields and skills which in fact unable to be fulfilled by themselves. Indonesia as you must be aware is the source of the most diligent, energetic, educated, and experienced manpower and its population more than 200 millions people is exactly being the supplier of the requirements of worker from those countries.

In ensuring prime services for large and continuous demands, Binawan establishes certain division for each country of worker placement and supported by professional staffs, so mobilization can be delivered on time.

 Business Units Structure

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