moving forward together

It is our prime objective that clients, talents, and other stakeholders involved would benefit from our activities, such that Binawan can sustainably grow and spread more prosperity for more people.


Binawan to become the trusted hub that connects global job markets for companies and qualified talents.


To raise the dignity and welfare of Indonesians through developing their qualifications to the best international standards

To find the most suitable person for each job opportunity that the world offers

To assist the global movement of talents professionally, efficiently, and transparently

from indonesia to all over the world

Binawan combine integrity, profesionality and honesty to drive your business forward. To bring the best of our human resources with experiences over 50 years, Binawan is a leader of its field, providing human power with integrity, profesionality & honesty in them.

We help you to manage all the needs in today’s fast changing world to ensure you meet the right talent for the right field.

We believe our services can bring so much positive impact to the people, and the business to reach level of satisfaction.