Our Story

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world with a population reaching more than 275 million people. Indonesia is currently entering the bonus demographic era, with 70% of the population (190 million people) belonging to the productive age category. This presents a unique opportunity for its population to excel in working abroad. Binawan’s founder, Mr. Saleh Saeed Alwaini, managed to observe these issues and came up with a master plan to bridge the skill gap and narrow the divide between Indonesian and global workforce. Through our innovative programs and ecosystem, we empower Indonesian professionals to become competitive and contribute effectively on a global scale. Our ecosystem is fully prepared to offer education, cutting-edge training, development opportunities, and cross-cultural experiences to equip our talents with the skills, knowledge, and cultural fluency needed for them to excel in international settings.

binawan group ceo

A pioneer in the industry with a background of more than 46 years specialising in human capital services and development, Binawan has gained an invaluable expertise in developing and placing Indonesian talents in satisfying the ever-growing demands of the global job market. We always strive to ensure congruence between the profile of Indonesian talents to match the internationally recognised standards and qualifications which often times involve the upgrading of their skills and competencies. Consequently, we have established various training, vocational, and educational institutions in Indonesia under Binawan Foundation. Through recognised this, we have successfully pioneered the placement of Indonesian talents to global job markets in various sectors that were previously inaccessible, including the Middle East, Europe, East Asia, and Australia. As we are continuously aiming towards our vision in becoming the trusted global hub for international job markets, we are always at your service in helping you grow by tapping into Indonesia’s large community of qualified Indonesian professionals.

Said Saleh Alwaini - CEO

Our Vision

To be the leading company in Indonesia, empowering and developing the country’s manpower to excel globally,
while fostering sustainable partnerships with international employers.

Our Missions

binawan group manpower

Manpower Development

To provide comprehensive education, training, and skill enhancement programs to individuals, equipping them with the necessary expertise, language proficiency, and cultural adaptability required to work abroad successfully.

binawan group global placement


To establish strategic alliances with international organizations, businesses, and recruitment agencies, facilitating the placement of Indonesian talent in various sectors worldwide, matching their skills with global job opportunities.

binawan group ethical recruitment


To uphold the highest standards of ethical recruitment practices, ensuring fair treatment, protection of rights, and equal opportunities for all individuals seeking employment abroad.

binawan group holistic support


To offer comprehensive support services to our candidates, including pre-departure orientation, documentation assistance, cultural integration guidance, and continuous support throughout their overseas employment journey.

binawan group collaboration with institutions

Collaboration with Institutions

To collaborate with educational institutions, vocational training centers, and government agencies to bridge the skills gap and create tailored programs that align with industry demands, thereby increasing the employability of Indonesian workforce globally.

binawan group continous learning

Continuous Learning and Innovation

To foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within our organization, staying abreast of evolving industry trends, technological advancements, and market demands. This enables us to deliver cutting edge solutions and provide valuable insights to our clients and candidates.

binawan group socioeconomic impact


To contribute to Indonesia’s socioeconomic development by not only facilitating job placements abroad but also promoting the remittance of foreign exchange earnings, supporting families, and fostering economic growth within local communities.

binawan group corporate social

Corporate Social Responsibility

To actively engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives, focusing on community development, education, and sustainable livelihood programs, thereby creating a positive and lasting impact on society.

Why Choose

  • The Complete Ecosystem

    We offer comprehensive educational and training programs that equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective fields. Moreover, our on-job training programs are customized to meet the specific requirements of our clients, ensuring that the talents we provide are well-prepared and capable of meeting their organizational needs.

  • Pioneer in The Industry

    With over 40 years of experience, Binawan Group stands as the pioneer in the manpower industry in Indonesia. Throughout its impressive journey, Binawan has built a reputation for excellence, boasting a proven track record of successfully placing over 100,000 skilled workers in various countries across the globe.

  • Ethical Commitment to International Recruitment Practices

    We are dedicated to responsible and ethical recruitment practices. We rigorously follow international codes of practice and never engage in recruitment from countries on the red list.