Why Indonesian Could Be The Answer for Global Tech Talent War?

With the increasing number of IT talents in Indonesia, reaching up to 600,000 new talents annually, we have full confidence in deploying a substantial pool of skilled Indonesian IT professionals abroad, showcasing their competitive skills, knowledge, and exemplary behavior.

Our Comprehensive Ecosystem

Ecosystem IT Binawan Group

What Makes Binawan Different?

As part of Binawan Group, Binawan Information Technology - Techub carry a common mission of facilitating international opportunities for IT professionals. By customizing various skill development programs, we are well-prepared to provide competent talents for international placements.

  •   Datacenter Practicioner
  •   PNetwork Engineer (Cisco, Juniper, Mikrotik, CompTIA, etc)
  •   International Certification for IT Professional
  •   International Apprenticeship Program

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